Russia-linked extremists threaten to disrupt Tbilisi Pride Festival

08 ივლ 202311:55
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Russia-linked Alt Info and “Conservative Movement” is mobilizing its supporters threatening to violently disrupt @tbilisipride festival – a closed event of talks, discussions and concerts. Tbilisi Pride organizers have said they received guarantees from the Police on protecting the event security. Yet concerns remain amid threats of Alt Info leaders.

“July 8th will be the last nail in the coffin of July 5,” one of its leaders Konstantine Morgoshia said referring to the pogrom of July 5, 2021 of which he was one of the organizers. Using planned but cancelled LGBT pride as a pre-text, the Kremlin-linked and Georgian Dream backed groups assaulted 53 journalists one of whom, Lekso Lashkarava of Tv Pirveli died days later.

Georgian Dream has been subjected to intense criticism for not prosecuting any of the pogrom’s organizers, including Mr Morgoshia.

While journalists were already being assaulted on the city’s main avenue, PM Garibashvili blamed the organizers of the Pride March, not the members of the violent action, for the possible complication of the situation, and called on them not to hold a march on Rustaveli Avenue.

PM said that the planned March of Dignity was "inappropriate" and dangerous, claiming the opposition was behind the events.

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