Georgian Ambassador to EU Summoned over Geoleaks

22 სექ 202114:22
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Georgian Ambassador to the European Union, Vakhtang Makharoblishvili has been summoned to the European External Action Service on September 21 over the massive leak of alleged surveillance files from Georgia’s State Security Service includes wiretapping of Georgia-based diplomats.

Thousands of files revealed the EU Ambassador to Georgia, Carl Harzell was also under surveillance. EU Spokesperson, Peter Stano had earlier stated the EU was taking the matter “very seriously” and “considering response.”

“We will not see it as natural, that a close friend and partner, such as Georgia, would be engaged in this type of activity against us. For this reason, yesterday the Georgian ambassador to the EU was summoned in Brussels, EU Headquarters, where this position of the EU was made clear and also demands to see this followed up appropriately,” - Mr. Harzell said.

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